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Since started in 1997 our commitment to providing easy access to real, healthy, local food hasn’t faltered. Forging relationships with amazing farmers, ranchers, fishermen and women, bakers, and artisans our goal to deliver the freshest produce and most amazing products to your door has remained at the core of our business. With over twenty years serving our communities, now delivers hundreds of grocery orders weekly across the communities we serve in British Columbia and Alberta.

With a belief that healthy food should be easily accessible, prioritizes partnerships with local producers and farmers who share in our principles of integrity, respect for the environment, sustainable and humane farming practices, and care for our communities.

Simply put selects local produce and products from partners who care about your food and our environment.

Building a sustainable food system for our communities has long been a primary purpose for, not just in sourcing from local farmers but in all stages of our business! While always evolving and striving to improve our ways of working we are proud to be Canada’s most sustainable grocery company.

Always considerate of what we are sourcing for the customers we currently partner with roughly 500 local vendors and farms. Our distribution network allows local businesses and farmers to reach more customers under which they can grow.

With a focus on local, not only are we supporting our communities we are also building on our standing of being the most sustainable grocery company in Canada. Purchasing from nearby farms and producers helps us reduce transportation emissions while our software optimizes our delivery routes to be as efficient as possible, keeping emissions as low as possible.

At we are all about delivering groceries you can feel good about. From pasta sauces to crunchy crackers, we research the product and ingredients, so you don’t have to! Healthy real food is as important to us as it is to you, we focus on offering products that are healthy for people and the environment.

Why not start shopping today? With 100% satisfaction guaranteed you can shop our wide selection of local and organic groceries and produce from the comfort of your own home. So, peruse our virtual aisles, support the community you live in, and invest in your future self with

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