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DoorDash Gift Card

DoorDash delivers more than just dirty-dishes-free dinners to Canadians from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland! They offer the best dining your city has to offer delivered to your door.



About DoorDash Canada gift card

An industry leader in the rapidly growing food ordering and delivery sector, DoorDash sees its door-to-door delivery services as the start of a larger goal of “connecting people with the best in their cities.” Their services do more than give users an effortless evening, they also support local businesses and create new ways for people to earn, work, and live. 

Give the Gift of Easier Evenings with a DoorDash Canada Gift Card!

DoorDash delivers more than just dirty-dishes-free dinners to Canadians from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland! They offer the best your city has to offer for breakfast, your coffee break, snack time, lunch, and dessert too! You can sort by your favorite foods like pizza, sushi, or Indian or your local vegan offerings.

Delivering dish-free dinners across Canada

Send your friends, loved ones, clients, or colleagues a DoorDash eGift Card or use your own eGift card and send them, and yourself, a meal or a coffee that you can enjoy together over a Zoom call or Facetime! 

Using DoorDash + saving money on takeout

Check out the current offers available on DoorDash and find discount specials or “free delivery” offers to make the most of your mealtime purchase. And if nothing in the offers whets your appetite, filter by “$” under “price” above your local search results to find the best deals in town.

Redeeming DoorDash gift cards Canada

It’s really easy to redeem a DoorDash gift card with Moola. Purchase the discounted DoorDash gift card from the Moola marketplace, copy the code from your Moola wallet and paste it directly into DoorDash’s “Redeem Gift Card” section of the Account menu. As you order, your gift card will deplete. You’ll know when your gift card is all used up when you start seeing orders being payable at the checkout.

Always get a deal on DoorDash with Moola

Save money at DoorDash every mealtime just by changing the way you pay using Moola, Canada’s favorite app for deal lovers. Download Moola today!



Give the gift of food delivery with a DoorDash gift card. The DoorDash app connects your favourite people with the foods they love from more than 310,000 local and national restaurants across 4,000 cities in the US & Canada. Gift food delivery for easier evenings, happier days, and more time to enjoy the people and things they love.


Additional information

Redemption Instructions

To redeem this gift card:
1. Create an account or sign in to the DoorDash app or on
2. Navigate to Account > Gift Card
3. Enter your gift card PIN

Terms and Conditions

Your Gift Card is redeemable towards eligible orders placed on or in the DoorDash App in Canada. Gift Cards are made available and provided by DoorDash, Inc. Gift Cards cannot be used to pay a credit account and are not redeemable for cash except when required by applicable law. Purchases with Gift Card are subject to DoorDash standard refund policy, and any refund amounts will be credited back to the DoorDash consumer account. For more information on the Gift Card Terms and Conditions, please visit

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