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6 Canadian Instagram Accounts To Follow For Coupons This Christmas



Adds up to big savings

Are you cooking Christmas dinner this year? We've found 6 awesome Canadian coupon influencers that are a must-follow for your next grocery haul.

Ready to level up your grocery shopping game? It’s time to introduce coupons. Meet these awesome influencers who live and breathe coupons and money-saving tips! 💸💡 From snagging sweet deals to mastering the art of discounts, these Canadian coupon pros have the lowdown on all things savings.

Influencers who save on every day essentials

Canadian Coupon Moms

Jesi | @simplefrugalbasic

Jesi focuses on household management that ties in with shopping and groceries. She follows a simple but effective approach to coupons and deals and that is: 
Knowledge is power, it’s no different at the grocery store. Know your tools, policies, prices, sale cycle basics and what to do with what you buy. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like but my goal is always to balance simplicity and frugality.

Follow @simplefrugalbasic for practical tips and greats deals so you can enjoy life to its fullest for less.


Would you like to start couponing? No matter where you are in Canada, @couponmartie can help you find the best grocery deals at all of the popular grocery stores. 

Whether you grocery shop at Costco, Freshco, Superstore, Walmart, or any other store, she always has an amazing deal or savings hack to share with you.

Diana | @havecouponswilltravel

Her Instagram handle speaks for itself. Diana shares money-saving advice on how to save on vacations and travel as well as great deals on everyday grocery shopping. If you’re just starting out on couponing, make sure to follow her to practical tips and advice like “how to price match.”

Bella | @Savingsrn

Another amazing account you should follow is @savingsrn. She can help you combine every single possible promotion and discount to get the money out of your dollar.

Trust us, when you stack everything together, you won’t believe the amount of savings you can accumulate over the course of a month, and even a year. If you enjoy stacking discounts or reviews on food & products, this is the account to follow!

Kat | @livingonaloonie

Say “hi” to Kat. @livingonaloonie is one of the most active influencers on our list. Check her out for the most up-to-date content on deals – she posts regularly (often even multiple times per day ❤️) so you can run to Costco or Superstore and stock up with her.

Besides coupons and money tips, her Instagram account also provides loads of great ways to make your money stretch further in Ontario. 

Compared to moms, coupon dads are rare unicorns. Meet these two coupon dads, your new go-to guys for mastering the art of discounts and stretching your budget. From dad jokes to wallet-friendly tips, these savvy dads are here to show you how to navigate the world of deals with a side of humor and a whole lot of savings. 🕺💸 

Canadian Coupon Dad


If you have a pet or are looking for more vegan grocery options, then CouponCDNdad is our coupon daddy for great steals at SuperStore, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart Canada and Pet Smart.

If great finds like almost free Lysol and Air Wick products at Walmart interest you, check him out today. 

Life should cost less

Living in Canada shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Regardless of your income or personal living environment, everyone wants to save more when they can. With every $5 you save, that’s more money towards activities, travel or whatever you most enjoy. Follow these influencers to learn how to purchase items at amazing deals, or better yet, how they score grocery products for free – yes you read that right, free!

Buy what you want while spending less. Getting savvy with how you shop helps you to add up great savings.

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Life costs less

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