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Zaatar W Zeit

Zaatar W Zeit

Founded in 1999 in Lebanon, Zaatar w Zeit has grown to become a beloved and successful restaurant brand across the Middle East with more than 75 outlets. The chain is now expanding into the North American market with its first location in Vancouver, Canada. The restaurant chain offers an extensive menu with popular Lebanese street food dishes.


With global brand values centered around their #loveregardless platform, Zaatar w Zeit promotes positivity and inclusivity, striving to bring people together through food and shared eating experiences. The restaurant upholds food safety and hygiene standards and offers accommodating meal options for any occasion.

Fresh food always starts with one thing, fresh ingredients. From extra-virgin olive oil to locally-sourced flour and vegetables, Zaatar w Zeit only uses the freshest ingredients in their creations. The Vancouver menu features a multitude of classic, Lebanese street food options, such as falafel and shawarma, wraps, pizza and fresh salads. They also serve the famous Lebanese manousheh, a traditional flatbread, and z kenefeh, a dessert-style flatbread made with melted cheese and maple syrup. The entire menu features a fusion of traditional and modern Lebanese flavours and influences, such as halloumi, za’atar, and halawah. There is truly something for every palate at Zaatar w Zeit.


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