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10 Quick and Easy Holiday Recipes The Family Will Love



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Nothing says Christmas like a home-cooked meal with your friends and family. This year, we've made it simple with our "10 Quick and Easy Holiday Recipes The Family Will Love," so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your loved ones.

Serve Up A Delicious Feast This Holiday Season

There are a few different things that people get excited for once Christmas rolls around – a beautifully ornamented tree, presents, and Christmas markets. But the star on top of the tree is a festive, scrumptious feast with your loved ones. Check out our list of 10 quick and easy holiday recipes that are tried and true.

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Bring The Family Together Over A Great Meal

If you find that you have leftover turkey from your holiday festivities, Turkey Soup is a delicious meal that is both easy to make and perfect for the whole family during the winter season.

Made with tender chunks of turkey, pasta noodles, carrots, celery, onions, and seasonings of your choice, enjoy this perfect laid-back meal that will transcend you into comfort food heaven!

Nothing says the holidays like a Sweet Potato Casserole that melts in your mouth. This easy-to-make dish is comprised of tender and creamy sweet potatoes and a crisp cinnamon pecan crumble to top it all off.

Made with just the right amount of sweetness, this fan favourite winter dish works as both a dinnertime side dish and a late-night snack.

If you’re looking for the perfect light, bite-sized appetizers, these are the ones for you. Plus, they can be customised to different flavours to fit each of your guests’ taste palates!

The melted cheese enveloped within the buttery pastry shell makes Baked Brie Bites such an addictive treat.

For a lighter meal, enjoy this simple yet delicious Christmas-themed salad. Filled with kale, candied pecans, blue cheese oranges, and pomegranate seeds, this salad is not only flavourful but colourful too!

The citrus vinaigrette dressing also adds a refreshing yet tangy flavour that ties all of the ingredients together into the perfect salad. 

Wanting to serve ham as your main course this holiday season? Don’t settle for store-bought and make it yourself so your loved ones feel extra special!

Maple Glazed Ham is a super easy recipe, with the use of boneless ham making the process even easier. Made with just ham, mustard, maple syrup, and brown sugar, this recipe for glazed ham is not only delicious but makes for amazing leftovers.

This is a classic recipe that will no doubt be a showstopper. From the most tender cuts of beef to the puff pastry to the dijon mustard, mixture of mushrooms, and prosciutto, it really is a mouth-watering dish that will impress your guests.

Not to mention that this is Gordon Ramsay’s signature dish!

As you probably know, Shepherd’s Pie is a savory casserole layered with cooked meat and vegetables and topped with mashed potatoes, before baking it all together.

Made with fresh potatoes, various vegetables, ground beef, and seasonings of your choice, this easy-to-make and filling casserole will be a favourite for you and your family during the holidays.

Debating on whether you want a cinnamon roll or apple pie for dessert? Why not both? Since both desserts are made up of similar ingredients, it makes sense to just combine them.

This traditional apple pie is elevated to a holiday confection by adding cinnamon to the crust and drizzling a cinnamon sugar glaze over the topping that will for sure melt in your mouth.

Fudge and bark by themselves are already delicious so imagine the impact they would make together!

This Peppermint Bark Fudge might be the simplest fudge recipe you’ve ever seen before. Not only is it easy to make and no-bake, but they are also festive and make a great gift as well.

Eggnog becomes a fan favourite as soon as the weather starts getting chilly.

The oh-so-familiar eggnog flavour combined with the crumbly graham crust and thick cheesecake filling is a match made in heaven. Make sure to use all your creative juices to decorate the top of the cheesecake too!

Save Time In The Kitchen To Spend More Time With Your Loved Ones

While it can get chaotic and seem like time is moving twice as fast once the holiday season arrives, we hope that these 10 recipes will be able to help. Make sure to give some of these a try for this holiday season. Your friends and family will definitely be able to feel the love!

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