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15 Study Room Essentials for Students



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Make studying from home easier with these 15 study room essentials. Change the way you pay and stack your savings with Moola.

Create A Learning Space You Love

A dedicated study area will help your child stay on top of their assignments. Children who tend to study in common areas face many distractions. People are coming in and out of the kitchen, family members watching tv in the family room, and other challenges to staying focused. 

Having an area that is well designed will help improve productivity, focus, and concentration. That is why we know the importance of having a soundproof easily accessible study area in your household. Our 15 Study Room Essentials are sure to get your youngster motivated! Here are some items that will help create a distraction-free area.

Multiple Your Money With Moola

The Kidskraft study desk has everything your child needs to stay organized. It has plenty of drawer space to keep their books, organizers, and a nice pin-up board to help keep sticky notes, and memos as a reminder of things to do.

With cell phones around we forgot how important it is to write things down. Studies show that writing things down help improve remembering the task. Having a planner will help you jot down your important ask and assignments, also help set reminders of upcoming events.

This open space table allows everything to be seen. You won’t forget where something is because everything will be in front of you with this desk. The Wide space will also allow you to fit all you need to help stay focused.

Everyone understands how frustrated we can become when we can’t find something we require. Having an organizer will not only help you save time, but will also keep your workspace neat and clean. Being in a clean environment has been shown to increase relaxation and keep your mind at ease. Knowing where things are will relieve the stress of scrambling around your workspace at the last minute looking for items.

A drink spilled on your table can easily ruin your day. Drinks on the table cause unintended consequences. With the built-in clamp, you can secure your drink to the side and keep it out of harm’s way. This will help you avoid knocking over your drink and losing all of your hard work.

Late night studier we got you covered. With its 6W LED bulb, you will be able to light up the entire workspace and save on power at the same time. Cozy up with your favorite read at any time of the night.

A humidifier in the room can help to create a relaxing and zen atmosphere. Humidifiers aid in the prevention of dry skin, the killing of germs, the alleviation of allergies, and the relief of congestion. They are compact, so they won’t take up much space on your desk, and they are essential for rooms where you will be spending a lot of time.

Sitting for extended periods of time can cause muscle aches. A foot rest can help you maintain good posture. To promote proper circulation and comfort, sit at your desk with your legs at a 90-degree angle. Maintaining a relaxed and comfortable feeling requires proper posture.

Running out of space on your work desk no problem! This Simple-design lamp has storage shelves to help add additional space to your area. It will also allow you to keep the late-night work and study sessions going. This lamp will be able to light up your room allowing you to focus on what’s in front of you at any time of the night.

Sometimes we all get lost in our studies, and forgot how long we have actually been sitting for. A poor-quality desk chair can lead to future back and hip problems. A seat cushion will help to prevent back strain and redistribute pressure on your spine. A good seat cushion is a great investment in your body’s health.

We all know we can get lost in a good book, here is a perfect tool to help set reminders of other task we need to do. This LCD alarm clock will help keep track of time, and also set alarms to ensure you will be alerted for any upcoming plans.

It is important you stay hydrated while studying. A lack of hydration will cause you to become lethargic, and you will lose focus. Having a water bottle close to you will help keep you hydrated, but also minimize the distraction of having to walk and go to the kitchen.

Looking for a cool comfy modern desk chair? We found one, Mainstays office chair provides a nice lightweight steel frame and extra padding for maximum comfort. With the mesh backing the chair is very breathable helping you stay nice and cool. Stay comfortable while reading your favorite books, or browsing your computer.

The last thing you need when studying is outside noises distracting you. These headsets are not only comfortable, but also noise cancelling, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand. They are lightweight and wireless, allowing you to move freely and comfortably wear them for extended periods of time.

Whiteboards have been a fantastic learning tool for people of all ages. They provide a convenient space for students to write, draw, and create lessons. On white boards, mistakes can be erased instantly, resulting in a new blank canvas. They are excellent for adding reminders and tasks that must be completed. 

Design A Study Room That's Yours At An Affordable Price

Building a foundation at home will help build skills to improve study habits in any environment. That is why these study room essentials are crucial for creating the right space for your child! 

You can’t have the perfect study room without a great laptop! If you’re looking for the latest gadget check out 7 Must-Have Back-To-School Laptops and be fully prepared for the return to school. 

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