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20 stylish back-to-school outfits your teens will love



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Stay on trend with these back-to-school outfit essentials

So as the holidays slowly draw to a close, your teen is understandably anxious about going back to school. In Canada, back-to-school attire is very important. What shall I put on each day? What is trendy? How can I look fashionable without going broke? To assist, we have created a few simple yet essential clothing items that they can wear to school for every scenario.

It doesn’t have to be that difficult to put together outfits for school each day. The important rule to keep in mind is to keep it simple. While keeping school-day attire basic this lessens the strain associated with putting together a daily look and will save you money.

To assist you in putting together ensembles for school, we’ve compiled a list of 20 stylish essential clothing items your teens will love!

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It’s important to have a hoodie on hand in case you get caught in the rain because Canadian weather can be quite unpredictable. This hoodie from Gap suits every teen. Style it down with some sports shorts or dress it up with a pair of jeans. 

Every girl needs a staple pair of jeans. In fact, every girl needs a pair of jeggings. With these two pack jeggings from H&M you can swap and change them to suit any outfit. Not only are they more comfy than a pair of regular denims, but you’ll also be able to study at your desk all day long. 

Cardigans are a staple product to have especially as the cool weather season approaches. This cozy cropped cardigan from Old Navy provides you with accessibility when studying during a chilly day while also not being too heavy and confining for everyday casual wear as you make your way to and from classes.

Whether you want to look more formal for a class presentation or just want to upgrade your style from the typical t-shirt, this everyday shirt from Old Navy is the button-down that puts in the work seven days a week. With a spread collar, seamed back yoke, and short sleeves, you’ll look fresh while still feeling casual and comfortable.

Designed to resist wind chill and light rain, windbreakers are a Canadian classic that is a must for all students during the school year. With the added bonus of a color-block design, this nylon windbreaker from H&M is detachable, has a jersey-lined hood, diagonal front pockets with zippers, and will definitely keep you warm!

Made from soft cotton jersey, this two-toned hoodie tee from American Eagle is made with slub for a vintage-inspired look and feel. Perfect for both in-class wear and outdoor walks, this dip-dyed hoodie is the ultimate mix of where colorful meets comfy. 

This half-zip from Old Navy gives the stylized effect of a collared dress shirt while also being meant to be worn comfortably and taken off easily. With a breathable fabric and quick-drying powers, the StretchTech formula was made to be convenient whether you’re going hard in gym class or just wanting to stay warm while studying.

With Canada’s weather patterns being as unpredictable as ever, it’s important to have a pair of shorts for those sunny occasions. These regular-fit navy blue shorts from H&M are woven in cotton fabric and are perfect for those warm school days when you’re seeking more comfort and airflow.

Every student needs some new kicks before heading back to school, which the classic sneaker from American Eagle is perfect for. This black low-top sneak goes with pretty much everything and is the quintessential shoe that works for both athletic purposes and everyday casual wear. 

Tank dresses are a great purchase due to their versatility of being casual and special enough to look good on their own while also working well and being more professional with accessories. This soft rib tank dress from Gap hits at the knee, has a straight silhouette with a slim fit, and is also made with 37% recycled polyester!

This modern jogger from Old Navy is an easy pull-on pant that both looks cool and feels comfortable. In the color Rare Earth, these pants have an elasticized waistband with adjustable drawstrings, while also being engineered with Build-In Flex stretch technology to help with equal parts of comfort and movement. 

The slim-fit shirt from Old Navy is a back-to-school essential! This gingham check-patterned shirt has a cozy feel that makes it the perfect fabric to keep you warm and comfortable all winter long while also being low maintenance and easily removable during hot weather seasons.

This light-gray sweatshirt from H&M is the perfect comfortable athletic wear, keeping you warm in cooler temperatures and being a great layer to form a fashionable outfit. From having dropped shoulders, long sleeves, and a soft brushed inside, this sweatshirt is versatile for any school setting.

The resurgence of overalls is real, so don’t miss your opportunity with a perfect pair of brown denim shortalls from Gap. Hitting at the mid-thigh makes it so you still have breathing room for activities, while still feeling cozy and comfortable. To top it all off, this pair of denim is a part of GAPs Washwell program that has saved millions of litres of water since 2016.

Sweaters are a must for every student, whether you’re out and about or just feeling a bit chilly during class. This soft knitted sweater with wool content from H&M has sewn plastic beads at the front, dropped shoulders, long sleeves, and will for sure keep you warm during the long winters.

Made with 100% organically grown cotton, this green crewneck from Gap is soft knit with easily dropped shoulders and short sleeves, made for a relaxed slouchy fit. Since this top hits right below the waistband, make sure to also pair this with high-rise jeans or shorts so that you can have the freshest look as you walk down the halls.

One of the most versatile items for school, the babydoll blouse from American Eagle can be worn with everything from pencil skirts to dress pants and women’s jeans. With pretty ruffles, lace details, and a relaxed fit, this white blouse is cut for extra comfort without being too baggy. 

Jean jackets are super popular with teens today, and it’s no surprise why! This oversized denim jacket from Gap can take a beating and lasts for the long haul as it is made of durable cotton material. No matter what activity you are doing, this low-maintenance denim jacket will keep you both protected and looking stylish.

Nothing says back-to-school like a fresh new pair of jeans. Bootcut jeans are particularly the rage right now so don’t miss out on getting your hands on a pair. These jeans from American Eagle have an authentic denim look while also providing lightweight flexibility that will help you conquer your day at school.

Joggers are a back-to-school necessity as they are light and breathable options that also feel the most comfortable to move around in. These cream-colored utility joggers from American Eagle are made from a soft stretch fabric and sit low on the hips with a relaxed, tapered leg, making them perfect for both active and seated occasions.

Take the stress out of choosing an outfit!

Teens often want to shop a whole new wardrobe for the start of the new school year. However, some of these items may already be hiding in their closets. From casual to stylish, and affordable, you can shop these looks or repurpose your own – we can ensure you; they are completely on-trend!

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