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20 Summer Gifts for Under $20



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Everybody loves a summer celebration (and summer gifts!) – just gather your friends in the backyard, throw something on the grill, and dance with your favorite people under the stars, keeping at least 6 feet between you guys at all times.

If someone you love is celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or anything else this summer, take some ideas from us with these 20 summer gifts for under $20. From succulents to paddle ball sets, these great summer gifts are sure to delight any member of your social circle.

Plus you can get them all on a budget because thoughtful gifts don’t mean expensive.

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Here are the best summer gifts under $20 in 2022

1.      Avocado Huggers

avocado and summer and gifts for under $20

Do you have an avocado enthusiast in your life? Give the great gift of always-green-avocados with these avocado huggers from Uncommon Goods. These huggers will keep their precious avocado halves from going brown in the fridge, ensuring their avocado toast is always vibrant, fresh, and green! It’s truly a priceless summer gift for under $20.

Price: $10

2.      Fleur de Nuit Soy Candle

candle and summer and gifts for under $20

This candle is best described as smelling like “sakura blossoms, jasmine in the moonlight, and a sandy beach in the summer”. It’s a beautifully made soy candle that’s hand-poured with love in Montreal, so you can feel good about supporting a local Canadian brand. It’s a great gift to give this summer to anyone who loves the smell of flowers in the trees.

Price: $20.00

3.      Microgarden Indoor Herb Gardening Kit

herb growing kit and gifts for under $20

No garden? No problem! Give your friends and family the gift of growing their own food with an indoor kale gardening kit. They can place it on their windowsill and watch nature do its thing. That way, they’ll have fresh salad supplies year-round. This under $20 gift pays for itself.

Price: $18

4.      Unicorn Pool Toy

unicorn floatie and summer and gifts for under $20

Thanks to celebrities and Instagram, the unicorn pool floatie has become an iconic symbol of summer. Join in on the animal shaped pool toy trend with this unicorn floatie, perfect for those hot summer days spent swimming in the pool. It’s a great gift that keeps on giving all summer long.

Price: $14.99

5.      Yellow Cosmos Flowers Spiral Notebook

notebook and summer and gifts for under $20

There’s nothing writers love more than a blank notebook (trust me). This one-of-a-kind spiral bound notebook was beautifully designed by an independent artist, and perfectly captures that floral summer feeling. Give this gift to your writer friend and watch their eyes light up with joy! Plus, you’ll be supporting local artists, all for under $20.

Price: $16.84

6.      Mexican Handmade Baja Blankets

blankets and summer and gifts for under $20

Get ready for those hot summer days with a Baja blanket, handmade in Mexico. Not only are they cozy and stylish, they’re also hardy enough to withstand any outdoor adventure. Take it to the beach, the park, or your next camping trip and never dirty another bath towel again. It’s a multipurpose summer gift you can use all year round.

Price: $19.99

7.        FRESH Hesperides Grapefruit Oval Soap

soap and gifts for under $20

There’s something about this soap that just screams summer. It smells of Italian lemon, orange, grapefruit, and bergamot, and is reminiscent of a “citrus bouquet.” It’s luxurious, moisturizing, and a thoughtful gift for those self-care loving friends in your life.

Price: $20.00

8.      Seaside Sidekicks Sand Cookie Set

sandcastle toys and summer and gifts for under $20

Yes, it may be $23.88, but we couldn’t resist adding this one to the list! This sandy beach play set makes for an adorable summer gift for the little ones. They’ll love “baking” cookies on the beach, and you’ll love watching them smile as you pretend to eat them. It’s a great gift, and so much fun, even if it isn’t technically a gift for under $20.

Price: $23.88

9.      Huge Rainbow Kite for Kids

kite and summer and gifts for under $20

Here’s another gift that the kids are sure to enjoy. Give this kite to your niece, younger sibling, or child for a fun outdoor activity they can do all summer long. All they’ll need is a windy day at the beach and a bit of patience for endless hours of entertainment.

Price: $14.63

10.      Aerobie Pro Flying Ring/Flying Disc

frisbee and summer and gifts for under $20

This flying ring is a personal favorite of mine. It takes less skill than a frisbee to throw and it goes ten times the distance in the air. It’s a great gift for kids, dads, athletes, or anyone who enjoys exercising outside. Be warned though, you will have to run… far.

Price: $17.99

11.      Popflix™ Hot Air Popcorn Popper

popcorn maker and gifts for under $20

I’m not sure what it is about popcorn that reminds me of summertime… maybe its cooking jiffypop over a campfire or eating bowls of it on the beach. Either way, summer and popcorn go hand-in-hand! This gift is great for kids, movie lovers, moms, and popcorn fans galore. Summer food for days and it’s $20 and a bit of change.

Price: $22.98

12.      Portable Blender

portable blender and summer and gifts for under $20

Smoothies are refreshing year-round, but they definitely hit differently in the summer-time. Get this portable blender  as a gift for that person in your life who can’t go a day without their green smoothie. That way they’ll be able to satisfy their smoothie craving, no matter where they are.

Price: $14.78

13.      Tomato Plant

tomato plant and summer gifts for under $20

Tomato plants are the gifts that keep on giving. They will require a bit of effort on the recipient’s part, just some daily watering and a healthy dose of light, so make sure they’re up for it. But in return, they’ll have plenty of fresh, juicy, homegrown tomatoes to enjoy at the end of the season.

Price: $3.99

14.      Small Inflatable Drink Floats

drink holders and summer and gifts for under $20

If your friend’s biggest problem is how to float in the pool without spilling their drink, then this may be the perfect summer gift for them. These inflatable drink holders come in packs of two and float next to you. Because the only thing you should need to worry about in summer by the pool is getting an even tan. Best part about this gift? You can get it for under $20.

Price: $17.99

15.      Assorted 2″ Succulent + Cacti Collection

cactus and summer and gifts for under $20

Succulents make great gifts any time of the year, but they certainly thrive in the summer. This pack of 4 is hand-selected and curated to make for a beautiful collection of cacti. The best part? They’re low maintenance enough that even those without a green thumb will succeed in growing these little guys.

Price: varies, starting at $15.00

16.      Hydration Tracking Water Bottle

water bottle and summer and gifts for under $20

Stay hydrated all summer long with a hydration tracking water bottle. It’ll tell you how much water you’re drinking throughout the day so that you can make sure you’re hitting your daily goal. It’s a great gift for under $20 for health-conscious folks or those spending a lot of time exercising outside.

Price: $15.66

17.      Heart Shaped Sunglasses

sunglasses and summer and gifts for under $20

Heart shaped sunglasses will never go out of style. They’re a cute way to celebrate the season and an even cuter way to protect your eyes from harmful UV light. Get a pair for your daughter, your sister, your best friend, or even your mom.

Price: $4.99

18.      Striped Paddle Ball Set with Carrying Case

paddle ball and summer and gifts for under $20

Paddle ball sets are the definition of fun for the whole family. It may be a simple game, but don’t let that deter you. Before you know it, you’ll be spending hours at the park trying to beat your record. It’s a quintessential summer game that makes for a great gift for kids, dad, and the dog too!

Price: $12.69

19.      Dorcy® Floating Flashlight

flashlight and summer and gifts for under $20

This summer gift is good for those more adventurous family members. It comes in three colours, is waterproof, can help you see up to 31 metres away, and floats in water. It’s easy to keep track of and hard to lose, making it an essential piece of any adventurer’s toolkit, and an under $20 essential gift.

Price: $14.99

20.      UCO Four Piece Mess Kit

lunch kit and summer and gifts for under $20

Do you know an avid camper, backpacker, or overall outdoor enthusiast? Give them this four-piece mess kit so they’ll be prepared no matter where they are. It comes with a plate, bowl, spork, and tether, all in one compact package. That way they don’t have to worry about being weighed down on their next trip.

Price: $16.99


Get a Great Gift this Summer for Under $20

There you have it, 20 summer gifts all for under $20. Pick up one of these for a friend before your next birthday celebration, or go ahead and buy one for yourself. Either way, you won’t be breaking the bank!

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