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7 Best Black Friday Tips For Great Deals 2022



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Don't spend your Black Friday searching for the best offers. Get in early! Moola has the 7 best Black Friday tips to help you get ahead of your shopping game.

Get The Black Friday Deals You Want

Get an early start this year! Black Friday shopping requires planning, research, and patience. Yes, it’s no simple task. To help you avoid the pandemonium this Black Friday, we’re here to give you all the intel on the best tricks.

What exactly is Black Friday? Similar to Boxing Day, Black Friday occurs right before Christmas. It was in 2010, that the shopping extravaganza arrived in Canada. Some might call it an early Christmas gift (we sure do!).  In addition to offering GIANT discounts, Black Friday it also gets us organized by planning what we are giving to those on our Christmas lists, and (naturally) to ourselves. 

So get started! Check out our 7 Best Black Friday Tips For Great Deals 2022 and thank us later!

Shop Like A Pro For Great Deals

1. Prioritize A Shopping List

Finding the best deals can be tricky. With endless amounts of deals available the shopping list can get pretty long. It’s important to work out what you want.

Prioritize a list. Not only will this help you budget on your spending wisely but will help you determine what is definitely going under the Christmas tree, and what merely a ‘nice-to-have’ but essential.

black friday tips

2. Start Shopping Early

Don’t go waiting for Black Friday to arrive, only to rush through the mayhem, sit in traffic and not get the items or deals you want. Start your shopping early. It’s no hidden secret that merchants continue to launch deals a week or two before the big Black Friday event. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on your favorite retailers to make sure you aren’t missing out on any early-bird discounts.

Plan ahead and check out our blog on ‘6 Stores To Watch For Early Black Friday Deals’.

black friday deals 2022

3. Sign Up To Merchant Newsletters

Save yourself the time of having to follow each retailer on social media. Subscribing to their newsletter takes minutes and won’t cram your Instagram feed.

Better yet, set up a unique email address for Black Friday alerts. As the big day starts to creep up, check in on your email frequently to find exclusive early-bird offers sitting in your inbox. Yes, it’s as simple as that. Not only will these be the most accurate, provided they are directly from the retailer but they save you the hassle of endless amounts of google searches. 

black friday deals 2022

4. Choose Online Shopping

Gone are the days where we had to wake up super early to find that perfect car spot on Black Friday morning. Online shopping has become the biggest game changer for consumers. Not only does it save you time, but it may also give you access to early-bird promotions that may not be available in-store until the day of.

Take advantage and skip the lines – it’s a win, win.

black friday deals 2022

5. Use Discounted Gift Cards

Yes, it’s true. You can combine Black Friday deals with other discounts to save even more money. If you’re looking for further ways to reduce your holiday spending, then look no further than discounted gift cards. 

With deals on brands, you already shop and love you can find further discounts on retailers from anywhere between 5%-20% off.

Download the Moola app for awesome Black Friday deals to use in-store or online with your very own in-app digital wallet. 

black friday deals 2022

6. Do Your Research

Your shopping list is prepared, so it’s time to start your research. Nothing is worse than not knowing which brand or product to purchase on Black Friday. Stock moves quickly, thus you must be fully organized.

Consumer Reports is a fantastic resource for evaluating items. They test a wide range of items, which will enable you to decide which offers the best value overall.

black friday deals 2022

7. Don't Miss Cyber Monday

While Black Friday receives most of the attention, people frequently overlook the fantastic deals on electronics available on Cyber Monday.

Contrary to Black Friday, which offers discounts on expensive things like household appliances and Apple products, Cyber Monday offers great savings on laptops, televisions, and smart watches.

7 Best Black Friday Tips For Great Deals 2022 1

Find cheap deals and stack savings

Saving money is easier when you put in place strategies to design your life around your goals. Plan ahead this Black Friday and prioritize a budget that works well for you. To help, check out “The Complete Guide To Black Friday 2022′ for tips on how to master this shopping season. 

Using money-saving apps like Moola to shop smarter on other everyday essentials, like groceries, clothing, and more, also helps life cost less. 

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