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10 Best Consignment Shops in Vancouver



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We all know thrift stores or consignment shops can be great places to find a great deal. In this article, we reveal our top 10 best consignment shops in Vancouver.

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Consignment shops are trendy, especially those offering specialty items, infant wear, pet care, and high-end fashion items. Us millennials are known for our frugal shopping habits paired with environmental consciousness so Vancouver’s thrift shopping scene is thriving.

What does consignment mean?

Consignment is an arrangement in which goods are left in the possession of an authorized third party to sell. Typically, the consignor receives a percentage of the revenue from the sale in the form of commission.

Consignment deals are made on a variety of products, such as artwork, clothing and accessories, and books. Some types of retail sales may be viewed as a special form of consignment where producers rely on retail stores to sell their products to consumers, although secondhand stores and thrift stores are more typically associated with the practice of consignment.

Consignment arrangements, however, would not include retailers such as Walmart or most supermarkets, which purchase goods outright from wholesalers and then sell their items at a markup.

Consignment Shops in Vancouver

Luxury Focused Consignment Shops

1. Mine and Yours


  • Address: 1025 Howe Street, Vancouver, BC | Phone: +1 604 620 8885
  • Address: 418 Davie Street, Vancouver, BC | Phone: +1 236 521 9036

Mine and Yours is an on-trend Luxury Fashion Resale + Designer Consignment Store online and in Vancouver, Canada. You can get up to 80% off the original retail price of your favourite designer brands – talk about major savings!

They sell just about any luxury item you’re thinking of, and they have one of the best reputations in the city. Whether you want to buy or sell, they are seriously the place to entrust with your beloved designer items.

mine and yours consignment - moola blog post

2. Turnabout


  • 3109 Granville Street, Vancouver BC
  • 3135 Granville Street, Vancouver BC
  • 3112 West Broadway Vancouver, BC
  • 1003 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC
  • 2929 Main Street Vancouver, BC
  • 610 – 15355 24th Avenue, Surrey, BC (Peninsula Village Mall)
  • 1844 Oak Bay Ave Victoria, BC
  • 4180 Fraser Street Vancouver, BC

There’s a reason why Turnabout has so many locations in the Lower Mainland, they’ve truly built their reputation for buying and selling consignment items over the years. Each location specializes in a different style. For example, one of the locations focuses on luxe products, and another location focuses on a contemporary style. Make sure you check out their website before you visit a shop to make sure that you’re visiting the right one.

Stocking all the top-selling brands you love and stylish handbags, footwear, jewelry, and accessories. There’s an opportunity for just about anyone to find consignment items that truly express who they are through fashion.

10 Best Consignment Shops in Vancouver 1

3. Modaselle


  • 943 Seymour St, Vancouver, BC

Modaselle Fashion offers a wide selection of authentic, pre-owned luxury items including jewelry, watches and designer handbags. Featuring Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Hermes, Rolex, and so many more luxury designer brands.

The store operates out of Vancouver and the items sold on Modaselle come from private and estate collections as well as various individual sellers who wish to sell or trade their items through their store. They only work with authentic merchandise and have a team of experts extensively trained on authenticating the items they receive.

modaselle storefront_moolablogpost

Comtemporary Focused Consignment Shops

4. Front and Company


  • 3772 Main St, Vancouver, BC

The “Front” story began in 1993 in a small shop space at 3746 Main Street in Vancouver. Here they began selling quality consignment clothing, affordable antique collectibles and elegant vintage jewelry. While the space was small, the environment was supportive and many long-standing relationships were formed with what are now 5,000+ consignors. In response to a growth in customer appreciation, consignor confidence and neighbourhood support, their humble 700 sq ft boutique was set to expand.

Today, the Front and Company sell a variety of items from women, men, children, and furniture items. The company vows to continue to entice those in our fast-paced world to slow down and stop if only for a moment.

10 Best Consignment Shops in Vancouver 2

5. The Main Exchange


  • 3728 Main St, Vancouver, BC

The Main Exchange is a consignment shop that focuses on womens comtemporary items selling popular brands like Anthropologie, Aritizia, Club Monaco, Citizens of Humanity, Kate Spade, Mackage, and literally thousands of other brands – there’s too many to list!

In general, a lot of the brands they sell you can namely find at Nordstrom, boutiques, and other local shops in Vancouver.

10 Best Consignment Shops in Vancouver 3

Vintage Focused Consignment Shops

6. Woo Vintage


  • 4393 Main St, Vancouver, BC

Woo Vintage Clothing is operated by its wonderful owner, Natalie along Main St in Vancouver. They have a mission to woo you with a unique selection of quality vintage fashions and personable customer service. They hand-pick wearable pieces that can be incorporated into your modern wardrobe, but we also have all the accessories to give you that complete retro look. Whether you are an avid vintage clothing collector or new to the virtues of vintage clothing, we know there’s got to be something for you at this consignment shop!

10 Best Consignment Shops in Vancouver 4

7. Little Miss Vintage


  •  941 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC

Little Miss Vintage prides themselves with hand-picked, high-quality hard-to-find vintage clothing for men & women.

They love 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, rockabilly, rocker, rock ‘n’ roll, pin-up, kitten, disco, dancing queen, boho, hippie, campus, punk, and every other vintage style in every single generation before the 90’s.

If you love all things vintage, this is definitely the consignment shop to visit!

10 Best Consignment Shops in Vancouver 5

Consignment Shops Focused on Giving Back to the Community

8. Dress for Success


  • 675 W Hastings St, Vancouver, BC

This consignment shop isn’t what you’d typically expect. To be clear, they do not sell items to the general public, rather they collect wear-to-work items from the public that are appropriate for an interview. Afterwards, Dress for Success pays it forward to other women in need.

Dress for Success is an international not-for-profit organization offering services designed to help our clients find jobs and remain employed. Each Dress for Success client receives one suit when she has a job interview and can return for a second suit or separate when she finds work.

Dress for Success Vancouver is a community empowering women into the workforce by providing them with professional attire, career services, and skills development programs and their vision is to have a world where women have the independence to strengthen their families and shape their communities.

If you or someone you know has an extra skirt suit or pantsuit that they’d like to re-purpose for a great cause, tell them about Dress for Success!

10 Best Consignment Shops in Vancouver 6

9. BC SPCA Thrift Shop


  • 3606 West Broadway  Vancouver, BC
  • 1523 Pemberton Avenue  North Vancouver, BC
  • 5239 Victoria Drive (at 37th Ave)  Vancouver, BC
  • 708 6th St., New Westminster, BC

You can make a difference in the lives of animals by shopping at a BC SPCA Thrift Store.

Each location is privately owned and operated, contributing a percentage of income each year to the lifesaving work of the BC SPCA. BC SPCA Thrift Stores rely on contributions from the public. Drop-offs of used, saleable goods are welcome at any thrift store location.

Whether you are donating items or purchasing items from the BC SPCA thrift shops, just know that you’re contributing to protect and enhance the quality of life for domestic, farm and wild animals in British Columbia.

10 Best Consignment Shops in Vancouver 7

10. Community Thrift & Vintage


  • UNISEX SHOPPE: 11 W Hastings St. Vancouver, BC
  • FROCK SHOPPE: 311 Carrall St. Vancouver, BC
  • THE STUDIO: 138 E Hastings St. Vancouver, BC – Buzz #110

Founded in 2011, Community Thrift & Vintage is a social enterprise based in Vancouver, selling a tightly edited collection of recycled fashion at a low price point. They support at-risk people through our compassionate and supportive work training program, and all profits are donated to the PHS Community Services Society. 

10 Best Consignment Shops in Vancouver 8

Why shop at Consignment Shops?

There are many reasons to purchase items from consignment shops!

Consignment stores often have a special niche within the retail industry. Geared towards inventory items with brand names, you can trust the quality of the clothing, accessories, or furnishings you find.

As much as we want to buy luxury designer brands, our wallets don’t always allow for it. At consignment stores, your wallet will hardly feel a pinch! Love that wool coat that goes for $300? You might just find it in the consignment store for $50!

Shopping at consignment shops is more sustainable and helps reduce your carbon footprint and purchasing from consignment shops is a way to find amazing items at more affordable prices. You can never go wrong with choosing this environmentally friendly shopping option, and depending on where you shop, you’ll know that they’re also giving back to the community!

Life costs less with Moola

Enjoy thrift shopping. It’s meant to be a light-hearted adventure into the pre-loved universe where sustainability and upcycling are the goal. While we can’t help you save more when you’re thrift shopping, we can help you save money at over 200 of Canada’s much-loved shops, services and restaurants. 

Life costs less with Moola. 

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