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10 Best Restaurants in Vancouver for Date Night



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There are a few things that all the best restaurants in Vancouver have in common. They all have great atmosphere and beautiful décor. They all have delicious, memorable dishes. And they all leave you with a feeling of wanting to come back for more.

Looking for the best date restaurants in Vancouver?

Treat your significant other to a date night out and bond over the most delectable food that these Vancouver restaurants have to offer. Nothing says I love you like duck confit and a glass of local British Columbia wine.

Couple that with good conversation and a summer night under the stars and you have yourself the perfect date night.

Our top picks for restaurants in Vancouver for date night

1. The Acorn

Price: $$$

Best Dish at The Acorn: The Halloumi. Beer-battered Mt. Lehman Halloumi Crushed and Malt-Salted North Arm Farm German Butter Potato, Minted Saskatchewan Chickpeas, Tesfa Farms Yogurt.

the acorn at best date restaurant in vancouver
Source: The Acorn Instagram

Located on Main Street, The Acorn is a veggie-focused dining experience for vegans and meat eaters alike. It’s consistently recognized as not only one of the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Vancouver, but one of the best restaurants in Vancouver period.

Enjoy seasonal meals crafted from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients inspired by all that British Columbia has to offer.

2. Fable Kitchen

Price: $$

Best Dish at Fable Kitchen : Chickpea Fritters. Fried house-made chickpea patties served with curry mayo, pickled onions, and cilantro.

fable kitchen for best date night restaurant in vancouver
Source: Fable Kitchen Instagram

This Vancouver restaurant located in the heart of Kitsilano is all about farm-to-table dining… hence the name, Fable. It was started by Top-Chef Canada Finalist Trevor Bird so you’re guaranteed to have a well thought out and beautifully executed meal.

All ingredients are local and fresh, with the ever-changing menu evolving with the seasons. And if you’re looking for something more low-key, you can always check out it’s sister restaurant Fable Diner on Broadway for a more relaxed, but equally as delicious dining experience.

3. Do Chay

Price: $$

Best Dish at Do Chay: Black Truffle Tofu. Crispy tofu, scallion ginger black truffle sauce, sweet soya, pickles.

do chay date restaurant in vancouver - best vancouver date nights 2021

Do Chay is a mostly vegan Vietnamese restaurant on Kingsway with crafty cocktails and super hip décor. They go so far as to make their own tofu and “ish” sauce — a veganized version of the iconic fish sauce made of fermented mung beans.

It’s a fun restaurant with fantastic dishes and a refreshing take on typical vegan fare, making it one of our choices for best restaurants in Vancouver.

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4. Glowbal

Price: $$

Best Dish at Glowbal: Seafood Paella. Prawns, clams, mussels, snow crab, chorizo, tomatoes, saffron.

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Glowbal for best date restaurants in vancouver
Source: Glowbal Instagram

What really sets Glowbal Restaurant apart is its interior design. It’s located in the TELUS Garden — a beautifully crafted architectural work of art with a stripped-down, modern vibe.

Join them for Happy Hour for $1.25 oysters and $6 highballs for a budget-friendly date night, enjoyed outside by the fire, or go more up-scale with their indoor dining area. Either way, it’ll make for a memorable date night for you and your partner.

5. Forage

Price: $$$

Best Dish at Forage: Smoked duck breast, rhubarb and maple “butter”, Canados compressed rhubarb, pan fried risotto, port jus.

forage best date restaurant in Vancouver

Nothing screams Vancouver restaurants like local, sustainable, seasonal fare, and Forage does it as well as anyone else. Their dishes are equally beautiful as they are delicious, with an eye for color, texture, and composure.

With ingredients like bison carpaccio, quince emulsion, and wild chamomile chimichurri, it’s the perfect date night restaurant in Vancouver for those more adventurous eaters.

6. Blue Water Café

Price: $$$

Best Dish at Blue Water Café: Aburi Sablefish Battera. Pressed sablefish sushi, torched with white miso, kabayaki sauce.


blue water cafe at vancouver restaurant date night
Source: Blue Water Cafe Instagram

Blue Water Café in Yaletown is a seafood lover’s dream. It consistently ranks as one of the best seafood restaurants in Vancouver, with an ever-changing offering of sustainably sourced fish, including some you’ve probably never heard of before.

Enjoy an evening out with your partner, shucking oysters on their heated patio, and marveling at just how delightful raw fish can be.

7. Vij’s

Price: $$

Best Dish at Vij’s: Wine marinated lamp popsicles in fenugreek cream curry on turmeric and spinach potatoes


Vijs restaurant for date night in vancouver
Source: Vij’s Instagram

With cookbooks, frozen meals, and three restaurants, local Vancouverites know the name Vij’s well. The flagship restaurant has an East meets West kind of flair, with traditional Indian flavors fused with local British Columbian ingredients.

The dining room is intimate, the food is unbelievably flavorful, and Chai is served with every meal. What more could you ask for of a date night restaurant in Vancouver?

8. The Roof

Price: $$

Best Dish at The Roof: Scallop and Bacon Skewers. Chimichurri rub, grilled squash, ancient grain salad, and seasonal roasted vegetables.

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the roof at date restaurant in vancouver
Source: Black and Blue YVR Instagram

There’s something undeniably romantic about rooftop dining. The Roof by Glowbal perfectly encompasses that evening under the stars kind of vibe, making it one of the best restaurants in Vancouver to visit with your significant other.

It can also be enjoyed on a budget – visit during their happy hour for daily drink specials and discounted appetizers, like mac and cheese sticks and salt and pepper calamari.

9. Miku

Price: $$

Best Dish at Miku: Salmon Oshi Sushi. Pressed wild sockeye salmon, jalapeno, Miku sauce

Miku restaurant at best date restaurant in vancouver
Source: Miku Instagram

Miku made Aburi-style sushi a mainstay here in Vancouver. This style of sushi is characterized by partially grilled fish, which is served on top of rice with an assortment of other ingredients, like jalapenos and ume sauce.

Their plates are made for sharing, so you and your partner can get cozy on your date night and try all that Miku has to offer. Not to mention your meal is served with a side of waterfront view overlooking North Vancouver.

10. Cioppino’s

Price: $$$

Best Dish at Cioppino’s: Gnocchetti of Saffron and Lemon with Lobster. Small tender gnocchi, wild sustainable lobster, spicy Calabrese Nduja salami-tomato sauce

Cioppino's best date restaurant in Vancouver
Source: Cioppino’s Instagram

Cioppino’s is where Mediterranean cuisine meets modern flare. It has one of the largest wine cellars in Vancouver and is frequently recognized as one of the best Mediterranean restaurants in British Columbia.

Its expansive dining room and open-show kitchen make it a great choice for date night when you are really trying to impress that special someone.

Try One of These 10 Best Date Night Restaurants in Vancouver

Watch your partner’s eyes light up with joy. From farm to table cuisine to Eastern flavors, Vancouver’s restaurant scene will have something that you and your loved are sure to enjoy.

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