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Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Canada 2021 (Plan Your Strategy)



Adds up to big savings

It’s going to be a wild one! As we reach the roughly 10-year anniversary of Black Friday in Canada, 2021 is a year to be organized, be early, and be honest with yourself. Some experts are saying stores will have in-store specials, while others are telling us all offers will be online only. Some stores are starting early, with sales already underway while others are staying tight-lipped about their deals until the day.

All signs lead to the fact that we must all be ready for anything this year. So let’s get into it and let’s get organized! 

In this article, you’ll find great tips to get you ready for this year’s festivities:

When is Black Friday Canada 2021?

In 2021, Black Friday Canada officially falls on November 26th, and Cyber Monday on November 29th in 2021.  

Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Canada 2021 (Plan Your Strategy) 1

Organizing yourself for Black Friday Canada 2021

Organizing yourself for Black Friday takes time, research, and strategy. With deals everywhere, the list of things you could buy is endless.

While the best deals are normally on electronics during Black Friday, you probably are thinking about a new TV right now. But, Black Friday can be about saving on the things you need, either for yourself or for those on your Christmas list.

Black Friday is like Boxing Day but before Christmas. The shopping event came to Canada in 2010. It was like an early Christmas gift to shoppers. Not only does Black Friday deliver (HUGE) savings, it also gets us organized by planning what we are giving to those on our Christmas lists, and (naturally) a “To me, From me” present.

Do Your Black Friday Research!

Product Reviews

When you know what you want, check out Consumer Reports and find out which one is the best.

They perform testing on all types of products and break down which ones are best overall, the best value, and other factors. They have a pretty interesting blog too!

Don’t fall victim to Black Friday sales tactics

Black Friday pricing and deals can be murky. Some items have “SALE” tags when they are the same price as the rest of the year, and some items have unique models just for Black Friday and it can be difficult to compare prices against similar products.

CamelCamelCamel can help with this. Read on!

Moola - money saving app Canada

Pro Saving Tip

If you have a library card, most libraries give you free access to Consumer Reports.

Grab your library card, or app and head here.

Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Canada 2021 (Plan Your Strategy) 2

Price Comparison

Let us introduce you to CamelCamelCamel.

The site that keeps track and allows you to see the pricing history for anything on Find your item on Amazon, copy the link, paste it into the CamelCamelCamel search, and find out what that item has cost in the past.

There is no CamelCamelCamel for in-person shopping but it can be a good way to check Amazon pricing against in-store items, sometimes Amazon doesn’t have the best price, especially if you can pick up items in-store or curbside.

That’s another reason to research early, confirm the in-store price before the sales start, to compare against the new “sale” price! 

Check out our more in-depth post about saving money online.

Stay Focused

Stores will often list out the items that will be on sale and the Black Friday savings to be had. Avoid getting caught up in this by knowing what you want.

Or simply watch the stores you like to shop at, such as H&M and UNIQLO, M.A.C and Sephora, RW&CO or Sport Chek, or your favorite local boutique, spa, or bike shop. This can be handy to ensure you don’t get lost in stores that sell everything, like Walmart and Best Buy.

Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Canada 2021 (Plan Your Strategy) 3

Plan for products being out of stock

There seems to be no getting around it this year, as you’ve probably heard there are worldwide supply chain issues. This may result in your online orders not arriving in time, or your local shops being out of stock. The pandemic certainly hasn’t helped but the main issue is the price of the containers that our goods are shipped in. To help avoid being affected, start your Black Friday shopping as early as you can.

Finding the Best Black Friday Canada 2021 Deals

The best Black Friday deal is on something you actually need. Stores are quick to show you their special Black Friday promotions. But you might not actually need anything on that list (though your mom might!) Think about things in your life that you’d like to upgrade or replace.

Think of what you need

Keep this in mind as you go through your day. When you do something or go to a place that triggers the thought, “Hey, I need a new <insert object here>”, write it down! We all have grand ambitions when it comes to remembering what we need, but it’s always better to have a list.

Here are some examples:

Action/TriggerThought/”I need a new…”
Getting on your bike Bike Helmet
Struggling to cut through a tomatoKnife Set
Scooping your last ounce of concealerFace Cream
Sitting down at your home officeOffice Chair
Paying someone for an easy repairTools and DIY Know-how
Your phone dies taking a photo of your lunchPhone
Serving tea to your friends at homeDish Set

Black Friday Shopping Strategies

The great thing about Black Friday 2021 is that stores are offering deals earlier and earlier. While you’ve probably already seen promotions in-store and online, Black Friday is officially one day. This year, that day is November 26th. However, retailers are extending Black Friday deals across the weekend, into Cyber Monday and beyond.

This means you have more time to save more money. There is no need to throw your plan away and you probably don’t really need to participate in all the hype that comes with this shopping event. In fact, you can do all of your online, and in-store, shopping before Black Friday, and use the day to get a haircut, load up on groceries, grab a coffee and lunch, and casually discover what savings you might find. You don’t need to put any pressure on yourself!

Moola - money saving app Canada

Pro Saving Tip

Things like tools, bike helmets, dish sets, and office chairs will last you a long time

and thus are a great value for money, even better if you can get them on sale too!

FOMO is real on Black Friday

Dan Levy Schitts Creek Moola Black Friday

Black Friday can be an exciting time to hunt for deals and get the things you truly want and need. But for some, it can leave a feeling of anxiety and anguish.

FOMO can feel crushing but buyer’s remorse is real too. We have all experienced the fear of paying more for something than we need to or forgetting to buy something you wanted to, or you might think “did I miss someone on the Christmas list?” 

These feelings can be exacerbated by online shopping.

At the mall it’s not so bad, you can only get to the stores you can physically get to, and that’s the end of it. But online, every store and every deal in the world is at your fingertips, and it can lead to a deep and uncomfortable feeling of loss.

Christmas Baking is a lot easier when you plan ahead - Christmas Baking 2021 - Holiday Baking made easy

3 Tips to Alleviate Black Friday FOMO

1. Take a deep breath

Before you make a purchase, clear your mind and collect yourself before clicking “Confirm” or “Buy”. This will help to clarify if you need this thing now or can it wait?

2. Never look back

Once you’ve made your purchase, don’t check the price again and don’t talk to your friends about what you paid. Leave the purchase in the past and move forward.

3. Treat Yourself

There’s no better way to lift your spirits than with some Christmas baking. The act of baking itself can be therapeutic and the end result is, well, bliss!

Black Friday Sales Updates

With all that said and done, here are sale updates from some of our favorite brands!

Black Friday Canada Fashion Deals

Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Canada 2021 (Plan Your Strategy) 5
Ardene Moola Gift Card
  • Ardene Deals
  • Deals All Month Long
  • Up To 50% Off Everything to Nov 29 + Free Shipping On All Orders Over $20
  • til’ Dec 1
banana republic gift card deals on moola
  • Banana Republic Deals
  • 50% off Everything,  to Nov 28 + FREE shipping
  • Up to 75% off Everything, Extra 10% off with code BRCYBER from Nov 29 to 30
Foot Locker Moola Gift Card
  • Foot Locker Deals
  • Save 20% off $99 + Free Shipping on Orders Over $49 with code PARBLK25
  • Nov 26 to Nov 28
gap gift card deals on moola
  • Gap Deals
  • 40% Off Everything and Extra 10% Off
  • Nov 23 to 28
nordstrom rack gift cards on moola
  • Nordstrom Deals
  • Up to 40% off items in store and online started Nov 4, ongoing
old navy gift card deals on moola
Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Canada 2021 (Plan Your Strategy) 6
Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Canada 2021 (Plan Your Strategy) 7
Shop at Saks Fifth Avenue + save more with Moola, Canada's favorite money-saving app. By changing how you pay, it adds up to great savings
  • Saks Fifth Avenue Deals
  • Earn a $75 gift card with $150 purchase using code  BLKFRISF + 15% off select beauty + up to 75% off designer styles + more
saks off fifth avenue gift card deals on moola

Black Friday Canada Children’s Deals

gap gift card deals on moola
  • Baby Gap Deals
  • 40% Off Everything and Extra 10% Off
  • Nov 23 to 28
Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Canada 2021 (Plan Your Strategy) 8
Save money on groceries with Moola - buy discounted gift cards in Canada and save hundreds

Save more on Black Friday with Moola

Stack your savings with a discounted eGift card and make Black Friday even better.

Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Canada 2021 (Plan Your Strategy) 9
Ultimate Guide to Black Friday Canada 2021 (Plan Your Strategy) 10

Black Friday Canada Sports & Outdoor Deals

Cabela's Moola Gift Card

Black Friday Canada Restaurant, Food, & Drink Deals

Save more on Chefs Plate with discounted gift cards with Moola
Davids Tea - Save at Davids Tea - Deals on Davids Tea with Moola
hellofresh gift card - save more on Hello Fresh gift cards with Moola, Canada's favorite app for deal lovers
  • HelloFresh
  •  $100 off first 4 Boxes! With $40 Off the First Box (PLUS Free Shipping) and more!
  • Promo code BFHF100.
  • Nov 24 to Dec 2

Black Friday Canada Home & Other Deals

Discounted Walmart Canada e Gift Cards - Save more with Moola, Canada's favorite app for smart shoppers
wayfair gift card deals on moola
  • Wayfair
  • Up to 80% off ’til Nov 29
  • New Deals Daily, Check Often

Black Friday Canada Entertainment Deals

indigo gift card deals on moola

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