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eGift Cards are the perfect environmental alternative to old-school plastic gift cards. But, did you know that eGift Cards can be effectively used to help you save more money? Did you know that buying an e gift card is so easy and quick you can do it while you’re in line at a store waiting to check out to save even more money? At Moola, we love eGift Cards for so many reasons. In fact, the Moola app is a Canadian eGift Card marketplace that’s home to over 200 of your favorite shops, services, and restaurants. Let’s explore the many reasons why buying e gift cards in Canada makes sense to help you shop smarter to achieve financial independence.

In this article:

  1. The problem with traditional plastic gift cards
  2. Why eGift Cards are a better solution to gift or help you control your spending
  3. Buying e-gift cards from your phone using Moola


The problem with traditional plastic gift cards

Gift cards are steadily growing in popularity and there’s no sign of them slowing down. They’re a great way to give the people you love the freedom to pick their own gift.

However, giving plastic gift cards does however come with a few risks:

  • They’re easy to lose: There is no greater pain than that of losing a gift card. That’s because they’re incredibly challenging to get back. Unlike losing a credit card, there’s no easy way of recovering the money on your lost card.
  • And hard to trace: Gift cards are more like cash than credit cards. It’s about as easy to get back a gift card you dropped on the ground as it is a 5-dollar bill.
  • They can be used by anyone: Most gift cards don’t have registered users, meaning they can be used by just about anyone. If someone finds your lost gift card on the street, they can use it just as easily as you can.
  • They are not always protected: Many retailers don’t offer any protection against theft or loss. In the event that your gift card has been stolen, there’s very little you can really do about it.
  • They’re susceptible to scammers: People can take photos of the barcodes and PIN numbers of unloaded gift cards at the store and wait for them to become active. They can then take that information and spend their money online. Your gift card money could be spent before you even have the chance to take it to a store.

Gift cards are inherently easy to lose, and it’s likely to cost you once or twice. That’s why we created a better way to buy gift cards to use at the places you love.

 Buy egift cards Canada is easy with moola

Why eGift Cards are a better solution to gift or help you control your spending

Digital gift cards are far more secure than plastic gift cards, and Moola is the most secure of all options available on the market. Here at Moola, we go the extra mile to ensure that your gift cards don’t fall into the wrong hands.

eGift Cards can be kept securely

Unlike plastic gift cards, you’re the only one who has access to your Moola Wallet. Moola can also be a great tool to help kids learn how to budget. We prioritize the app security by giving you the option to set up additional security features that are required every time you open the Moola app. These security features just aren’t available on other eGift Card platforms:

  • Biometrics: Depending on what’s available on your device, you can choose Facial recognition or Touch ID as an additional security feature. You won’t be able to even look at what’s in your Moola wallet without a biometric, making your wallet exclusively yours.
  • Passcode: Your Moola passcode is a 4-digit code of your choosing. The numbers are self-scrambling, meaning every time you open the app, your passcode will create a different number pattern. This ensures no one looking over your shoulder can get into your Moola account.

Moola gives you the freedom to be as secure as you want to be. Biometrics and Passcodes help us protect you and your money so you can rest easy. As long as your gift cards are in the Moola app, they’re out of harm’s way.

Keep track of eGift Cards easily using Digital Wallets

We’re willing to bet you’re a lot more likely to notice you dropped your phone than you are a gift card. The good news is, as long as you have your phone, you have Moola and all of your gift cards right at your fingertips. Never worry about losing a plastic gift card again!

Access your Moola account from any device

No need to panic if you do lose your phone, however. Life happens and we get that. That’s why we back up all your gift cards on your Moola account to make them accessible to you from any device. All you need to do is log in to your Moola account or linked Facebook or Google account on your new device and you’re good to go.

Add up your savings with Moola - Canada's favorite money saving app - help your kids budget with Moola

Encrypted and protected

Encryption is an essential part of what we do here at Moola. We use the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) to guarantee that no one other than yourself has access to your information. The way we do this is simple:

  • First, your data is translated into a code: Encryption takes your data and turns it into a code. This hides your information from outside sources.
  • The code is then sent to our servers: If anyone interferes with your data here, they won’t be able to understand the information. That’s what makes encryption so useful for security.
  • Only our servers can unscramble the code: Our servers can then receive the code, unlock it, and make sense of your information. All this while keeping your data out of harm’s way.

Encryption allows us to give you the most secure shopping experience ever. This way, you can be sure that your gift cards are safer in Moola than they are in your wallet.


We worry about security, so you don’t have to

Plastic gift cards are a gamble and we’re not betting on them any time soon. When there’s a more secure way of buying and storing gift cards, why wouldn’t you choose it? With Moola, you can buy gift cards and store them in the app with greater peace of mind. You can trust us to protect your information because protecting your information is what we do best.

So what are you waiting for? Download Moola today!

Buying e gift cards Canada is easy with Moola

Buying e-gift cards from your phone using Moola

Buying e-gift cards is easy with Moola. It takes only 3 steps and you can score up to a 15% discount!

  1. Just download the Moola app
  2. Find the card you’d like to buy in-app, and
  3. Complete your purchase.

Want to send the card as a gift? That’s easily achieved on the checkout screen. For more information on how to use Moola, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

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