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The New Money Saving App You Need 1

The Money Saving App You Need This Christmas 2021

‘Tis the season for giving (and spending). How many times have you gone to get a coffee, only to realize your gift card was still buried in your sock drawer at home? How many gift cards have casually slipped out of your jacket pocket, never to be seen again? There is an easy way to solve all your pesky gift card problems… and save money too. 

What you’ll find in this post:

  1. What is Moola
  2. How Moola saves you money
  3. How you use the Moola Digital Wallet
  4. How to buy egift cards on Moola
  5. Giving + sending gift cards on Moola
  6. Download Moola now

What is Moola?

Moola is the digital wallet and gift card marketplace you always wanted. The app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store and it’s completely free. Easy to use with a long list of features, Moola solves every plastic gift card problem you could dream up.

Use Moola - Canada's favorite money saving app - to save on groceries with Moola - buy discounted gift cards in Canada and save hundreds

How is Moola a money saving app?

With the Moola marketplace, you can buy discounted eGift cards to some of Canada’s most loved shops, services, and restaurants.

I repeat, buying gift cards through Moola can save you money.

The Moola marketplace offers deals on gift cards to over 200 Canadian retailers. Deals can range from anywhere between 1 and 10% off restaurants, food delivery, groceries, fashion and apparel, and more! Buy a $100 gift card for only $90 and watch your savings add up.

Browse our list of merchant deals and find the one (or three or five) that speaks to you. You could take $10 off your restaurant bill or save up to 10% on happy hour just by buying a gift card on Moola first.

No matter what you may spend your money on, Moola can help you save more of it. The Moola marketplace features deals from merchants like:

Plus, there are new ones being added all the time.

Want to stay up to date with the latest merchant news? Follow us on Instagram to be the first to know what merchants we’ve added to our list.

How you use Moola digital wallet

  • Check your balance: You hand over your gift card at the till and say, I’m not sure how much is on this, but let’s find out. Sound familiar? Moola lets you easily check the balance of any gift card you have directly through the merchant’s website. It’s a lot more reliable than hoping for the best every time you buy a latte.
  • Find store locations: Maybe that acquaintance in your life got you a gift card to a store you’ve never been to before. No problem! With Moola, you can look up the store locations of every gift card you have, all in one place.
  • Organize your wallet: Christmas is over, and you now have 7 Starbucks gift cards. What do you do? You enter them all into Moola. They stack on top of each other and give you the total balance all without having a wallet full of plastic.
  • Use it for more than just gift cards: Like your library card, gym pass, student ID, rewards cards, and more. Anything with a barcode, you can easily put into Moola.

Moola mends the broken relationship you have with your wallet. It saves you time, energy, and endless amounts of frustration from not being able to find that one specific piece of black plastic in your wallet.

But did you know you can buy gift cards on Moola too?

How to buy gift cards on Moola

Not only can Moola help you keep track of all your physical gift cards, but it can also help you buy digital gift cards right on your phone!

Introducing the Moola marketplace, a place to buy (and save!) on over 200 Canadian retailers.

Here’s how Moola works:

  1. Buy a gift card from over 200 of your favorite shops, services, or restaurants in the Moola app: Browse our ever-expanding list of merchants and find a deal that fits your fancy. Whether you are craving steak or just want to game, we’ve got a gift card for that. Once you find something you like, go ahead and buy it. It only takes one tap. 
  2. Store the gift card digitally in your Moola wallet: Once you buy your gift card, it’ll immediately appear in your Moola wallet. No action required here. All you have to do is admire your new purchase (this is key). 
  3. Redeem the card in-store or online: You can use your digital gift card just as you would any other card. 

With a buying process this easy, this money-saving app is about to become your new best friend.

Buying gift cards as gifts for friends or family with Moola

Moola can do even more than help you save money on gift cards for yourself. It can also help you save money when you send gift cards to others!

Buy a gift card through the Moola marketplace and send it to your loved ones directly through the Moola money-saving app. No need to go to the store or put a card in the mail.  

How to give a gift card with Moola

Sending gift cards on Moola is just as easy as buying gift cards for yourself. If you’re a business that wants to send eGift cards to your employees or partners, see Moola Plus.

gift gift cards is easy with moola - send gift cards to mobile canada
The New Money Saving App You Need 2

Go into the Moola marketplace and find your favorite brand

The New Money Saving App You Need 3

Select the denomination and deal you’d like to give

The New Money Saving App You Need 4

Select “Give this as a gift” on the payment page

The New Money Saving App You Need 5

Enter in the recipient’s email address, as well as a personal message and delivery date

The New Money Saving App You Need 6

Complete the payment process as usual

Your recipient will get their gift card delivered directly to their email. All they have to do to claim their card is download Moola and enter in the correct gift card code. Their card will be waiting for them right in their digital wallet!

Moola is the money-saving app that will change the way you shop

If you’re new to Moola, then welcome! If you’ve been with us since the beginning, then we’d love to see your screenshot of how much you’ve saved so far.

While 2% here and 15% there seems small, it all adds up to great savings -especially during Christmas!

Ready to download Moola?

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