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How to Say Happy Birthday to Old Friends & Invite Them to Lunch with Gift Cards



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Ah, the classic tale of two friends who lost touch amidst the chaos of life. But fear not, for there's hope yet in the form of a short birthday message and a quick gift card.

Picture this: You’re perusing through your Instagram feed when suddenly, you stumble upon a post of an old friend you haven’t seen in ages. Cue the flood of memories, inside jokes, and the undeniable pang of nostalgia. But wait, their birthday is just around the corner, and you’re struck with the great idea – let’s reconnect over a meal!

Now, how do you successfully slide into their DMs? Well, let me regale you with the whimsical wonders of a fail-proof script to secure a lunch date by gifting them a restaurant gift card:


You: Hey [Friend’s Name]! Happy early birthday! Long time no chat 

Friend: Oh wow, [Your Name]! It’s been ages! How have you been?

You: I’ve been good, just keeping busy with work and life in general. Do you still like [type of food]?

Friend: Yeah

You: Great. For you. [Send Gift Card] 

You: How about we catch up over lunch to mark the occasion?

Friend: Sure! It’s been way too long since we last caught up.

You: Great! How about next Saturday, 1 p.m at [Restaurant Name]? I’ll make a reservation for us.

Friend: Sounds perfect. Can’t wait to catch up!

You: See you next Saturday!

Friend: Thanks again, [Your Name]! Looking forward to it!

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What began as a cordial “happy birthday” message has now evolved into going out to lunch with an old friend. The message thread is a fun and lighthearted, while being extremely hard to refuse because…

The Gift is An Icebreaker

There’s something magical about breaking bread together – it’s an age-old tradition that transcends boundaries and fosters connection. With a restaurant gift card in hand, you’re not just extending an invitation – you’re opening the door to meaningful conversation and shared experiences. Whether it’s reminiscing about the past or dreaming about the future, a lunch date provides the perfect backdrop for reconnecting with an old friend.

The Birthday Gift Has No Strings Attached

Unlike traditional birthday gifts that may come with expectations, a restaurant gift card is as carefree as they come. There’s no pressure to impress or live up to lofty expectations – it’s simply an opportunity to enjoy each other’s company and savor the flavors of friendship. Plus, with the flexibility to choose the date and time that suits both parties, there’s no need to stress about conflicting schedules or busy agendas.

Who Doesn't Like a Surprise Gift

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? There’s something undeniably thrilling about receiving an unexpected gift – especially when it comes in the form of a meal invitation. It’s a gesture that speaks volumes, conveying your thoughtfulness, generosity, and genuine desire to reconnect.

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So there you have it – from lost connections to delicious lunches buddies. 

So, as you click “purchase” on that rest gift card, know that you’re not just sending a token of affection – you’re sending an invitation to reconnect, reminisce, and revel in the joy of friendship once more. Here’s to old friends, new beginnings, and the magic of a shared meal!

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