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6 DIY Face Masks You Can Make Right Now



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We all know consuming fruits and vegetables is extremely good for you, but what about wearing them on your face? Skin care is expensive and if you have multiple concerns, building a skin care routine that caters to all your needs can get pricey really fast. So why not use what you already have in the kitchen and make a DIY face mask?

Why Bother With DIY Face Masks?

No matter what skin type you are or skin concern you have, there’s a DIY face mask out there for you. The beauty of making your own mask is you can cater it to your exact needs whilst avoiding harsh chemicals and additives. Half a banana left after lunch? No worries, mush it up and put it on your face. No, seriously. 

DIY face masks

The Best Face Masks for Every Skin Type

If you want to jump into creating masks on your own but don’t know where to start, no worries, we got you. We’ve put together a list of some of the best DIY face masks for each skin care concern you may run into.

After reading this post, you’re going to be able to customize the perfect DIY face mask for you, without having to leave your house whether your skin is:

  • Dry
  • Combination
  • Normal
  • Oily
  • Aging
  • Sensitive

Don’t worry, we’ve got a DIY face mask for you!

To make each face mask: Combine all ingredients and apply to dry or damp skin. Let stand for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off completely and follow with your regular skin care routine.


1. DIY Face Mask for Dry Skin

“Help, I’m thirsty”

If you find your skin is feeling:

  • Tight
  • Rough
  • Dull

You may very well have dry skin. Dry skin lacks the lipids that are responsible for retaining moisture and building a protective layer to fight against environmental stressors. Without this, your skin will feel tight, rough and have a dull appearance. If this sounds like you don’t stress, give this a go:

Baking Soda, Banana & Honey Mask

make diy face masks with banana and so you have more to spend where it counts
  • 1/2 Ripe Banana
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda

The baking soda gives you a light exfoliation to remove build up of dry flaking skin, while the banana and honey deliver hydration. Honey is a natural humectant so as you relax with this DIY face mask on for 15-20 minutes, the honey is drawing in moisture from the air around you. Neat, right?


2. DIY Face Mask for Combination Skin

“Help, I’m confused”

If your skin is:

  • Sometimes dry
  • Oily in the T zone
  • Different on a day-to-day basis

You have combination skin, which can be hard to take care of. Having combination skin means you’re not always dry and you’re not always oily. Maybe your T zone (forehead, nose & chin) is usually oily while the rest of your face is dry and flaky. If this sounds like you, give this mask a go:

Clay & Oatmeal Mask

oatmeal and diy face mask

Kaolin clay is a natural white clay that helps to remove dead skin cells from the skin, while oatmeal acts as a natural moisturizer. This combination of both hydrating and exfoliating ingredients, is exactly what your combination skin is craving.


3. DIY Face Mask for Normal Skin 

“Everything is fine”

If your skin is:

  • Well balanced
  • Not too dry, not too oily

You have normal skin. Having normal skin doesn’t mean you don’t need to take care of it, and it certainly doesn’t mean you wont benefit from a mask. The beauty of having this skin type is you can use many different types of masks, whether you’re looking to add a little more glow into your life, or tone down the little amount of oil you may have. For someone with normal skin I recommend this mask:

Avocado Cocoa & Honey Mask

avocado and diy face mask
  • Quarter avocado
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp honey

The avocado in this mask is going to hydrate you while the cocoa is a soothing antioxidant for your skin. Honey is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and of course is pretty tasty, so try you’re your best to not eat it- even though this mask is fully edible.


4. DIY Face Mask for Oily skin 

“Help, I’m Slippery”

If your skin has

  • Large pores
  • Whiteheads and blackheads
  • Excess shine

You have an oily skin type. Not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Yes having oily skin can be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be. Give this mask a go to clear up some of your concerns.

Brown Sugar & Honey

brown sugar and diy face mask
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • 1tbsp brown sugar

A common mistake when trying to combat oily skin is using a bunch of alcohol-laden products to try and dry out the access oils. Which in turn, causes your skin to over produce oil to compensate for how dry you’re making it. Sometimes oily skin needs moisture. The honey is anti bacterial and going to hydrate the skin while the brown sugar is going to give you a light exfoliation, making this the perfect DIY face mask for oily skin.


5. DIY Face Mask for Aging Skin

“Everything is Falling”

If you’re noticing:

  • Fine lines
  • Sagging
  • Loss of volume
  • Dark spots

You have aging skin, but don’t worry. It happens to the best of us, well actually all of us. No, we can’t stop the aging process by slapping some cucumbers on our eyes or pouring honey on our forehead. We can however, slow it down by taking care of our skin and listening to what it needs. If you’re noticing any of the points we mentioned above, give this a go:

Cucumber Lemon Mask

cucumber and lemon and face mask
  • Half a peeled cucumber
  • 1tsp lemon juice

We all know cucumber is great for depuffing, but it’s actually amazing for anti aging. It contains silica, which adds a collagen boost and helps to maintain elasticity.


6. DIY Face Mask for Sensitive Skin

“Ouch That Hurt”

 If your skin:

  • Is easily irritated
  • Is often red or raised
  • Itchy or flaky

You have sensitive skin, and a DIY face mask is going to benefit you the most. For this skin type it’s best to avoid any and all additives or preservatives that may potentially irritate you. Which is exactly why the recipe below for this DUY face mask will be perfect to soothe your sensitive skin:

Avocado & Yogurt Mask

yogurt and diy face mask
  • 1 tbsp yogurt
  • ¼ avocado
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil

Yogurt contains zinc, which offers anti-inflammatory properties and tissue regrowth. Calcium, which offers hydration & B vitamin that will help protect the skin against free radicals. The avocado is added hydration for your sensitive skin.

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Hopefully, after reading this article you feel confident and comfortable with taking ingredients you already have at home and using them to create the perfect DIY face mask for you. Skincare can be expensive, so save your money and spend it on ingredients you can cook with, and use on your face.

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