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The sun is shining on a Saturday afternoon and your whole family is anxious to go out and enjoy the warm weather. 

But alas, there’s an ever-growing pile of laundry in the corner of your house that needs to be addressed. Cue We Do Laundry, the new laundry valet service that is taking Canada by storm. The self-proclaimed Uber of Laundry is transforming the way we think about this laborious household chore, one load at a time.  

They may not have invented the laundry valet service…but they’ve certainly perfected it. 

laundry valet service - We Do Laundry are Canada's favourite laundry valet service - Save on We Do Laundry with Moola

What is a laundry valet service? 

Laundry valet services are one of modern life’s greatest inventions. Essentially, it is a service where all of your laundry is done for you from start to finish. 

Here is how it typically works: 

  • First, your laundry is either dropped off at a specific location or is conveniently picked up from your home 
  • Your clothes are taken and cleaned and cared for by a professional with care 
  • Your once dirty clothes are then returned to you, folded and smelling of fresh lavender soap 

How much do laundry valet services cost? 

The cost for these kinds of services varies depending on your needs, the type of clothing, and the weight/size of the clothes that need laundering. 

Specialty fabrics and garments will typically run you more than your average cotton t-shirt. And if you need dry-cleaning done, that may cost extra as well. 

How long do laundry valet services take? 

The timing can be anywhere from a few hours to a few days depending on the extent of cleaning that is needed. 

Usually, you can expect to have your clothes back in 1 to 2 days, with dry cleaning taking up to 3 business days to return.  

What are We Do Laundry? 

We Do Laundry is a laundry valet service who collect your laundry and return it folded and ready to put away. Save on We Do Laundry with Moola

We Do Laundry is a laundry valet service that picks your laundry up from your house and returns it to you clean, folded, and fluffed. 

They use eco-friendly cleaning products and even return your laundry to you in a 100% eco-friendly bag. They service both personal homes as well as professional establishments including fitness clubs, hotels, and spas. 

How do We Do Laundry work? 

We Do Laundry works similarly to other laundry valet services. Here is what you can expect: 

  • Schedule your laundry pick-up online for a future time convenient for you 
  • A driver will then arrive at your house and pick up your laundry, no contact required 
  • The driver will take your laundry to get it professionally cleaned and serviced using eco-friendly, high-quality products 
  • Your laundry is then returned to you in 12 to 48 hours in an eco-friendly bag 

Using We Do Laundry requires no effort on your part – as long as you’re there to hand over your laundry, you’re good to go! 

How much do We Do Laundry cost?

We Do Laundry handle everything for you - it's the perfect gift to give a new mom, someone going through a hard time, or your own mom! Save on We Do Laundry with Moola

We Do Laundry has a few different price points, depending on your needs. 

Open load: $9.99 + $1.75/lb 

This option is best if you’re not sure how much laundry you have, or you have less than 28 pounds. You pay a base fee of $10 plus an additional $1.75 per pound of laundry you have. The minimum cost here is $27.49 or 10 pounds of laundry. 

Pay in advance 

If you have up to 40 pounds of laundry, then paying in advance may be the best bet for you. The cost per load up to 28 pounds is $47.99 and the cost per load up to 40 pounds is $59.99. That’s about 2 and 3 garbage bags of clothes respectively and is an excellent choice for families and couples.  

Where are We Do Laundry located? 

We Do Laundry is available in the greater Vancouver area including Vancouver, Burnaby, Surrey, Langley, North Vancouver, and others. 

They also recently expanded to the greater Toronto area including Toronto, East York, Etobicoke, North York, and Scarborough.  

Not in your city yet?

Not to worry! We Do Laundry is looking to expand its services to more provinces across Canada in hopes of bringing more people the joy of forgoing laundry day.  

Want to try We Do Laundry for yourself? 

Start with a We Do Laundry eGift card from Moola first! When you buy an eGift card on Moola, you can save up to 10% on your next weekly load of laundry. 

It’s a great opportunity to try a new service and give yourself (or mom!) the gift of time.

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