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20 Father’s Day gifts for under $25



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Find great Father's Day gifts for under $25. Pay less to afford even more when you change the way you pay.

Gifts for dad under $25

Father’s Day is coming up, and while you want to show Dad how much he means to you, a large extravagant present isn’t always the best option. We’ve compiled a list of 20 fantastic Father’s Day gifts under $25 that will help you show appreciation to the Dad in your life. 

This Father’s Day, our ultimate Father’s Day gift guide is here to assist you with options that fit your budget. After all, it’s the small details that matter.

For under $25 you can gift Dad those new pair of swimming goggles, a stylish cap, or an alarm clock to keep him on track and show you know him well.

Send Dad a memorable Father's Day gift. 

Gift for dads who stay well groomed

This all-natural shave oil will keep dad’s skin healthy and hydrated. Shaving is made easier with almond and argan oil mixtures that work to soften the skin.

Gift for dads who need their coffee

A monogrammed mug is the epitome of Father’s Day. With his own personalised cup, make dad’s morning coffee extra special. 

Gift for dads with pizza-making skills

This one is for all the dads who like to brag about their pizza-making abilities. The non-slip pizza plate and pizza cutter are perfect for flatbread, pizza, and bruschetta.

Gift for dads who love breakfast

Waffles in bed are the ultimate of father’s day breakfast. With this Belgium waffle maker, you can make Dad’s day even more special. It’s ideal for making waffles in under three minutes and comes with its own recipe book full of delectable ideas.

Gift for dads with lots of gadgets

If your Dads side of the bed is full of cords and gadgets then this is for him. Dad can keep all of his electronics in one place with this three-in-one Apple charger, making them easy to store and find!

Gift for dads who love to swim

Show dad you know him well with a new pair of swimming goggles. Dad can swim faster and see better thanks to the crystal-clear clarity!

Gift for dads who like to fix things

Does your dad think he’s the ultimate handy-man? Keep him entertained for hours with this precision screwdriver set, perfect for fixing laptops, phones, and more!

Gift for dads who are always late

Is your dad always late? Help him get to work on time with this digital alarm clock. Set the time, date and temperature.

Gift for dads who love a drink

Does your dad spend his weekend out on the green? This cooler bag will keep his beverages cold all day long so he can stay out in the heat!

Gift for dads who are serious gamers

You no longer need to fight for the lounge-room television! This mobile gaming clip means dad can play Xbox from his phone without having to nag you for the TV.

Pay less to spend more on gifts for dad.

Gift for dads with style

Don’t put a Dad hat on him! This Champs Under Armour Cap will keep dad looking stylish this summer. Because of the trendy black hue, Dad can wear his new hat with anything. 

Gift for dads who play sport

There’s no need to spend too much time pondering the ideal gift. This Nike Fuel Jug from Footlocker is a classic gift for sports-mad dads.

Gift for dads always on the go

For on-the-go dads, this body spray is a terrific refresher. Help dad to maintain a crip smell in the morning, after exercise, and throughout the day. Its compact package is ideal for on-the-go use.


Gift for dads who lose their cards

Keep Dad in style and stay under your budget with this Genuine Leather, sleek style wallet. Wallets are perfect Fathers Day gifts for everyday use. 

Gift for dads who need to relax

After a long day at work, nothing says “relax” like a candlelit evening at home. Dad will feel peaceful and at rest with this teakwood and tobacco candle.

Gift for dads who love comfort

Does your dad have that one pair of sandals he wears each summer? Style up his wardrobe with these new slip-on sandals from Nautica. This versatile style means dad can wear them relaxing at the beach or out for a summer’s night dinner.

Gift for dads who love their beards

Is your father’s beard well-loved yet neglected? This beard balm hydrates and nourishes the hair, helping him from looking tired and aged.

Gift for dads who love gadgets

This Amazon Key Finder is the best device for tech-savvy fathers! With this wireless tracker that conveniently locates your keys with the click of a button, you’ll never misplace them again.

Gift for dads with holes in their socks

If your father has worked hard all year, it’s time for him to relax and enjoy his summer vacation. What better way to do it than with these cozy new socks from Atmosphere?

Gift for dads with patience

Dads like having a good time too! With this 1000-piece puzzle, you can give Dad something that is great for his mind and soul.

Still can't find the perfect Father’s Day gift?

Give dad the freedom to choose. Send your dad an e-gift card for Father’s Day, straight from your phone to his using the Moola app.

He’ll receive the card directly on his smartphone along with a personal message, so you don’t have to worry about ordering a gift on time – or paying for shipping. Smiles all round.

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