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10 awesome gifts for dad under $50



Adds up to big savings

Find a great gift for dad for under $50. Pay less to afford even more when you change the way you pay.

Gifts for dad under $50

While we’d all love to give dad a luxury cruise around Europe, our budget is more realistic. Instead, we’ve compiled a list of 10 awesome gifts for dad that are just as memorable. 

Our ultimate Father’s Day gift guide is here to help you this Father’s Day with options to suit all budgets. 

For under $50, you can surprise dad with a gift other than socks or underwear. Give him something he’ll really love that’s affordable, useful, and most importantly, thoughtful this Father’s Day.

Save to spend more on gifts for dad

Gift for dads who love fitness

Help dad keep on track with his fitness goals with the Letsfit Fitness Tracker. This smartwatch allows dad to easily track his calories, steps, heart rate, and sleep!

Gift for dads who have style

Protect dad in style this summer with a Tentree cap from Atmosphere. With its lightweight and comfort-stretch fabric, Dad can be comfortable all day while taking care in the sun.

Gift for dads who love to fish

If your dad loves the outdoors, add this fishing rod to his garage collection. This pistol-grip fishing pole is perfect for catching trout, bass, and more! Dad’s sure to appreciate this gift on his next adventure.

Gift for dads who love sports

Make dad’s day with this medium-sized duffel bag from Champs. Whether he’s going to work, to the gym, or hitting up tennis with friends, this gift is perfect for a dad who needs practicality but loves adding a bit of style to his day.

Gift for dads who camp

Comfortable and stylish – what more could you want? The perfect gift for dad awaits with these sporty slides by Adidas. Jump out of the water and into these soft-comfort sandals for a relaxed night by the campsite.  

Give Dad a gift he wants this Father's Day

Gift for dads who plan

Does dad’s busy schedule leave him feeling stressed and tired at the end of the workday? Make his day with The Productivity Planner by Indigo so he can keep track of important duties, prioritize tasks and accomplish his day with ease. 

Gift for dads who have everything

Every dad needs a good belt, and your dad is no exception. Gift dad this strong leather essential from Nordstrom so he never has to ask where his missing belt is again. 

Gift for dads who are always sore

If your dads always complaining of a sore back then this gifts for him. This deep tissue massage gun comes with 15 different types of heads to help assist with everyday sore muscles.   

Gift for dads who love comfort

Whether dad runs, walks or sleeps on the couch, this lightweight long-sleeve is so breathable you barely know it’s on! The cooling material aids in movement and mobility making this the most comfortable gift yet. 

Gift for dads who show-off

Help Dad impress his friends with his very own leather flask. With its own engraving plate make this gift even more memorable and get dads initials. 

Still can't find the perfect Father’s Day gift?

Give dad the freedom to choose. Send your dad an e-gift card for Father’s Day, straight from your phone to his using the Moola app.

He’ll receive the card directly on his smartphone along with a personal message, so you don’t have to worry about ordering a gift on time – or paying for shipping. Smiles all round.

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