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5 great gifts for cats this Christmas



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Don't leave your feline friend high and dry on Christmas. Find great gifts for cats this Christmas from essentials through to quirky but clever buys.

Great gifts for cat lovers

Cats have often come second to ‘Man’s best friend’. But cats have conquered the internet with some famous felines (like Suki, the Dark Lord, and Gary The Cat) having a larger following on Instagram than most Canadian celebrities.


While it might be second nature to tag your cat-loving friends in the occasional kitten meme, it can be quite confusing to buy an actual gift for a cat parent. So we’ve sifted through the elaborate world of cat products to find the very best gifts for cats in Canada.

Note: Links in this article direct to third party retailers. We do not earn a commission from sales made, nor have these retailers paid us to promote them. Their inclusion in this article is wholly because we think the products are a great buy.

Cat scratchers are important for keeping a healthy feline. As a professional lounger, your feline deserves a cozy sanctuary. In fact, according to International Cat Care, “cats need to scratch to keep their claws sharp, exercise and stretch their muscles and mark their territory”. As a result, a cat mom without a scratching post might return from work to find their wallpaper and lounges all scratched up.

Small apartment living requires ingenious solutions to find space that everyone can enjoy. Cats love being up high. This climbing frame uses wall space, rather than floor space which is a big bonus if you live in one of Canada’s metro areas.

Cats are extremely loveable and such a great addition to the family. But let’s be real, for the most part, they do their own thing.

Cats are notoriously mysterious, but this book can help the feline lover in your life understand more about their elusive furry friend. What are the secrets they’re really trying to tell us!?

A gallery-worthy custom portrait of their beloved feline

Immortalize their fur baby with a custom portrait they’ll cherish for years to come.

Choose from a handful of backgrounds and hardwood frames. Each gallery-quality image can include up to three pets. It’s a modern piece of art that your giftee will surely love.

This self-cleaning litter box is a true game-changer. While this cat gift might be very functional, it will save your giftee the everyday horror of cleaning tons of cat litter. After all, it’s remarkable that we live in the 21st century and this invention isn’t a common thing in every cat owner’s home!

This is a gorgeous mani for your friend’s cat and also, maybe this will cut down on some of the scratches around the home.

These cat nail caps make the perfect stocking stuffer for cat lovers. You could make it extra fun and send their human for a matching mani.

Find these nail caps online at Soft Claws. They specialize in nail caps for kittens, cats, and even dogs.

Giving gifts that go beyond Christmas

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a person and their fur baby. It’s a given that most pet owners shower their four-legged family members with plenty of gifts come the holiday season. And, speaking from experience, there are few gifts as cherished by pet owners as those involving their fur babies. After all, enjoying a sustainable Christmas can be as simple as giving gifts that last more than a day

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