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The Best Coffee Gift Cards in Canada for Dad



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You can't go wrong with giving dad a gift card for a morning coffee and muffin.

Dad’s daily coffee habit isn’t just a preference; it’s a ritual. He drinks 1-2 cups every day, making it an essential part of his routine. Gifting him a coffee gift card is a great way to show him you care while helping him save money and ensuring he never misses his morning boost. Here are some of the best coffee gift cards in Canada for dads who rely on their daily caffeine fix.

Tim Hortons

For dads who have grown up with the brand, a gift card is a nostalgic reminder of simpler times and shared moments.

Whether it’s a classic Double Double, a refreshing Iced Capp, or a simple black coffee, Tim Hortons offers a familiar and comforting start to the day. A gift card ensures Dad can enjoy his favourite drink without a second thought.

Drinks Offered: Tim Hortons has a wide range of coffee options, including their classic brewed coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, and iced coffee. Plus, they also offer a wide selection of accompanying breakfast sandwiches, bake goods and sweet treats like their iconic Tim Bit Donuts.

Locations: With over 4,000 locations across Canada, Tim Hortons is a convenient option for dads to grab their coffee on the go.


Starbucks is perfect for dads who are always on the go. Whether he’s heading to a meeting, dropping kids off at school, or just out for a drive, Starbucks is the perfect pit stop for a quick refuel. Mobile ordering and drive-thru options add to the convenience.

Drinks Offered: Dad can count on his drink being made to his exact specifications every time. Whether he prefers his coffee hot or iced, black or sweetened, Starbucks has near endless customization possibilities.

Locations: Over 1,400 stores in Canada ensure that dad can find a Starbucks almost anywhere.

McCafé (McDonald's)

With numerous McDonald’s locations across Canada, McCafé is easily accessible no matter where your dad is located. McCafé offers a variety of coffee drinks and is the most affordable on our list, making it a practical choice for daily coffee needs.

Drinks Offered: McDonalds morning menu is a great bang-for-your-buck. Get a combo breakfast deal, and dad can pair his morning coffee with a crisp hash-brown and sausage n’ egg sandwich. 

Locations: Over 1,400 McDonald’s locations across Canada include McCafé options.

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How Coffee Gift Cards Can Save Dad Money

Gift cards can be a thoughtful way to help dad save money on his daily coffee habit. By using a coffee gift card, dad can enjoy his morning ritual without worrying about the cost adding up over time. Here’s how:

  1. Prepaid Convenience: Gift cards allow dad to prepay for his coffee, making it easier to budget and track spending.
  2. Special Promotions: Many coffee chains offer special promotions and discounts for gift card holders, providing additional savings.
  3. No Extra Costs: By having a gift card, dad can avoid the temptation of spending extra money on non-coffee items since he’ll be focused on using the card for his daily coffee.
Timbits doughnut box

Bonus Gift: Accompanying Travel Mug

Pair the coffee gift card with a high-quality travel mug. This ensures Dad can enjoy his coffee on the go while keeping it warm and reducing waste from disposable cups. Plus, every time he uses it, he will be reminded of you.

Giving Dad a coffee related gift is a simple yet impactful way to show you care. It fits seamlessly into his daily routine, offers financial savings, and gives him the chance to enjoy his favorite drink every day. Coupled with a stylish travel mug, it’s a thoughtful gift that he’ll appreciate and use. So, this Father’s Day, give Dad the gift of convenience, savings, and delicious coffee with a coffee gift card.

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