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Trending in Vancouver: Fun & Creative Workshops Worth Trying At Least Once



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Need a fun indoor activity to do during the rainy season? Explore the 2 trending activities everyone is talking about in Vancouver: tufting and mosaic art.


Ready to try out the DIY adventure that’s taking the internet by storm? It’s called tufting, and trust us, you’re going to want in on this fun and creative craze. Let’s dive into why tufting is THE activity that’ll have your Instagram feed poppin’.


What’s Tufting Anyway?

Tufting is like crafting’s cooler, edgier cousin. It’s the art of creating patterns by pulling threads through fabric or upholstery. The result? Those chic little dimples you’ve seen on stylish furniture, headboards, and more. But here’s the twist – you can do it yourself!

Tufting is a hands-on, satisfying DIY experience that lets you unleash your inner artist. Grab your friends, some materials, and get ready to dive into a crafting adventure like no other.


Instagram-Worthy Creations

Let’s talk aesthetics – tufting creations are Instagram gold. Whether you’re making a tufted headboard for your bed, a funky wall art piece, or even giving your old furniture a trendy makeover, your tufting journey is going to look fantastic on your social media. It’s a creative outlet that’ll make you the envy of your online circles.



 Tufting Ideas


Enter the world of DIY mosaic lamps – the trend that’s making people across the globe light up with excitement. Join us on this colorful journey to discover why mosaic lamp crafting is the vibrant and joyful activity you didn’t know you needed.


What’s DIY Mosaic Lamp Crafting?

DIY mosaic lamp crafting is like putting together a beautiful puzzle, but the end result is a radiant, handcrafted lamp that adds charm and personality to your space. The process involves piecing together tiny glass or ceramic tiles in intricate patterns, creating a mesmerizing, stained glass effect when the lamp is illuminated.


Crafting with a Side of Fun

What sets DIY mosaic lamp crafting apart is that it’s a perfect blend of creativity and entertainment. Imagine spending your leisure hours selecting colorful tiles, arranging them into dazzling patterns, and, in the end, basking in the glow of your masterpiece. It’s a crafting activity that’s just as enjoyable as the finished product is stunning.


A Bright, Personal Touch

Why are mosaic lamps so trendy? Because they offer a personal touch like no other. You’re not just buying a lamp; you’re creating a work of art. The patterns, colors, and design are all up to you, ensuring that your mosaic lamp is a unique reflection of your creativity.

Unleash Your Inner Artist

So, there you have it, DIY aficionados – these DIY trends are here to light up your life, quite literally! Whether you’re crafting solo or with friends, these activities are a fantastic way to add color, character, and a personal touch to your space. 

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