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Top Comfort Food Spots in Vancouver



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What's your go-to comfort food? Explore new (and old yet reliable) restaurants for hot pot, pho, fried chicken around Vancouver, British Columbia.
The Best Comfort Food Spots for Rainy Days

Satisfy your cold weather blues with some comfort food cravings at these top 5 Vancouver restaurants. While you’re at it, check out our other restaurant round-ups including the best restaurants in Vancouver for date night and our top picks in Toronto to enjoy a good patio!

Top Choice: Lobaster Tail & Wagu Beef Platter

Hotpot palace is one of our go to for hot pot cravings. They have a spacious dinning space and they also offer private dining room with private washroom. (Reservation recommended) Great for group gatherings.

You can now get jumbo size lobster tail  for just $8.95 each!  And a 150g plate of melt in your mouth SRF Wagyu for only $8.95 as well!  Run before they are gone! 

What would you go for?  Caribbean Lobster Tail, SRF Wagyu, or both? 

Location: 168 – 7911 Alderbridge Way, Richmond 

Top Choice: Special Fish Cake Noodle

A not so hidden gem along Kingsway! Ganh Vietnamese opened summer 2023 and is bringing delicious Vietnamese cuisine to Vancouver! What’s better than a bowl of hot pho on a rainy day? Their flavours on point and they have lots of ingredients to satisfy your cravings.

We love their signature dish: SPECIAL FISH CAKE NOODLE

It’s filled with fish cake, pieces of fish, tofu, tomato, dill, veggies, and more! 

Top Choice: Fish Maw Chicken Rice Noodle

Established in 2001, Meetrice noodles (which is also known as “Mengziyuan”) has over 600 locations in more than 80 cities in China. In British Columbia, there are currently 3 locations: Vancouver, Burnaby and Richmond.

Besides the popular crossing-the-bridge rice noodles, their menu features rice, BBQ, and appetizers. We recommend picking and building you own set and sample their side dishes.

🔷 Fish Maw Chicken Rice Noodle
🔷 Cold Dish Sampler: included vinegar marinated fungus, vinegar okra, and marinated chicken gizzard

Top Choice: Any of their pancakes

Perhaps one of the ultimate comfort breakfast items, pancakes piled high with butter and a dousing of good maple syrup are a venerable way to kick off a fall or winter day. 

Jam Cafe is top of the game for pancakes, particularly if you like a little pulled pork with your morning meal. The have thick, hearty pancakes featuring a medley of flavours anywhere from peanut butter to smoked pork and duck. 

Tip: show up early because their pancakes always guarantee a line-up.

Top Choice: 3 Piece Combo
(Comes with fries and a drink)

This new spot, which has been in the works for a year, uses a fried chicken technique that dates back more than 30 years for its crispy, juicy chicken offerings.

Shawn’s Chicken cooks Yongshun fried chicken, a “well-known specialty snack started in Beijing, China, in the 1990s.”

Their technique involves marinating the chicken in more than 20 different kinds of Chinese herbs, a process that is meant to enhance the flavour of the chicken and add extra moisture before deep frying.

These Vancouver Restaurants Are Must Visits This Fall

Treat yourself this weekend to an awe-inspiring meal at any one of these top restaurants and we promise you won’t be disappointed. From asian delights or fried chicken, there’s something to satisfy any of your cravings.

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